Our Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is to create well paying jobs and growth for the U.S. Energy Industry, help rebuild the American Infrastructure, supply employees with benefits and training and provide them with challenge and satisfaction, and create quality and service for our clients.

Core Values

  • People: Valuing employees and their ideas.
  • Integrity: Being truthful in all things.
  • Loyalty: Earning the respect of our employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Diligence: Being dedicated to improvement, continually building for the future, working hard day-in-and-day-out.

RI values everyone’s ideas. Individually and as a team we search for optimal results and we understand and accept that on the path to reaching improvement mistakes will be made. We recognize and reward individual and team accomplishments based on demonstrated skills and job ownership performance.

At RI, we handle our business with honesty and integrity. We treat everyone we work with, with the highest standard of business ethics and fairness. Likewise, we hold our clients and our suppliers to the same standard of business ethics and fairness.

RI strives to build strong, long-term relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers. We do this by exceeding expectations and going above and beyond to keep everyone happy. We work diligently and creatively to meet everyone’s needs.

RI compares ourselves with the best of the best because we must be among the best in all that we do. Additionally, we compare our own works of today to our works of tomorrow, realizing that there is no finish line. If improvement can be made, we make every effort to see the improvement through. We support improvement and recognize that we must take risks in order to constantly improve our business.