Corporate Objectives

Client Service and Satisfaction
Heroic customer service is at the heart of all we do. If our clients have a new problem, a problem that we are not in the business of, we listen to it, bring it back home, share it and experiment with it. If they have a problem, we have the opportunity to help them.

We promote individual initiative and experimentation through empowering employees. We empower employees by setting a few clear overreaching goals and giving employees the freedom to figure out how to reach the objective. We share an employee’s achievements with other employees so that they receive recognition for their work.  Moreover, we promote from within to foster commitment from our employees and a desire for personal and professional growth.

Safety is import in all RI facilities. It is important to us to protect our employees.  Every person will put safety before all else. We feel that our clients and suppliers should have the same commitment to safety as we have.

Product Quality Assurance
By improving work practices and implementing new technologies, we supply products and services that provide lasting value to our clients.

We strive to produce and deliver the most efficient services and products in the world.

We give back to the communities we work with in order to support their growth. Additionally, we aim to be exemplary citizens by treating our communities with respect.

Financial Performance and Growth
RI is committed to developing a plan that will ensure success. We plan to drive business growth, create new products, and secure a long-term supply of resources.