Employment Opportunities

Quality drilling tools require quality materials. Quality does not just happen. RI People make quality happen. At Robey Industries, drilling tools are engineered to meet the specifications and demands of the Drilling Industry. RI has the highest quality Reamers. RI’s Research & Craftsmen team members constantly monitor production to insure the highest quality “American made” material are delivered to our clients.

People make the difference at RI. Through RI People, our core values remain strong, our corporate objectives are advanced, and our goals as a company are achieved. Our Diligent spirit has helped our clients succeed, and has contributed to RI success, advancing the goals and careers of RI People.

RI team members are able to sustain a high level of work performance because the company ensures the safest possible work environment and through a commitment to lifelong learning. We invest in our people and our resources to ensure that the latest technological innovations are used to provide products and services that are of value to RI clients.

RI team members work in a fun, progressive, fast-paced and quality oriented work environment. To find out more about RI and our employment opportunities, explore this website or e-mail us at kyle@robey.us